Increase your profit by selling more high-margin inputs

High-resolution aerial imagery can help you sell more high-margin mid-season inputs.

Margins on many chemicals and fertilizers have been under pressure as more retailers have been cutting prices. And the big chemical mergers in the agricultural industry, unfortunately, have not led to lower wholesale prices on chemicals and fertilizers either.

So how can you still run a profitable business as an independent retailer in the ag business? Prove to your customers that mid-season applications have real measurable results! 



gregory-hayes-1070074-unsplashAg Retailer Levi increased his ROI and the ROI for his growers with the help of TerrAvion Aerial Imagery Subscription

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The value of mid-season Inputs

Unfortunately, many growers do not see the end-value of mid-season treatments and are not always using all the products that would benefit their crop. Mid-season inputs, such as fungicides, have higher margins for sellers, so wouldn't it be great if it was possible to show growers that putting those mid-season inputs on their fields have an actual effect on their yield during the growing season? With a TerrAvion high-resolution aerial imagery subscription, it is easy to do.

How to grow mid-season input sales 

Without TerrAvion Aerial imagery Subscription

No proof of value before harvest

x-mark-3-24  Lots of talking 

x-mark-3-24 No visual proof during the growing season

x-mark-3-24 Have to repeat it every year

With TerrAvion Aerial Imagery Subscription

On-field proof of the effect of the mid-season input

ok-32 Proof on the grower's field

ok-32 Visual relationship between mid-season input and yield maps

ok-32 Convenient proof without extra effort

Prove the value of mid-season inputs

Before the application of the fungicide, the vigor of the field is easily shown in the high-resolution imagery. After applying the chemical, the effect of it can be visually seen in the image from week to week.  And at the end of the growing season, the yield data will show you the end results, but the regular imagery has told you the story of all factors influencing it during the season: how it performed during a dry or wet month, or how it rebounded after a bad storm. The results will show in both the imagery and the physical measurements of the crop. 

Different hybrid crops and fungicides are applied on this fieldThe image on the right shows a cornfield in TerrAvion NDVI map layer with a fungicide test strip on it. The darker the green color is the higher the vigor of the corn plants, The red and yellow shows plants with low vigor. It is self-evident on this field that the plants grow much better with the fungicide application.

TerrAvion customers have found that the corn ears in the treated areas are bigger, on average more than 16% heavier compared to the corn ears in the not treated areas. Which grower would not like to increase their yield by 16%? And it also has shown that the fungicide helps the corn grow better root, making them more resistant to weather events and easier to harvest.

TerrAvion's customers often bundle our imagery subscription with scouting and a mid-season chemical application. Aerial imagery shows the effects of mid-season applications in the field during the season, without having to wait for a yield map at the end of the season. And for those growers who have to see the results of an input on their own field, and are not easily convinced about the value of the input, it is possible to start them with a test application strip. 

Why use TerrAvion aerial imagery?

TerrAvion offers a high-resolution aerial imagery subscription package provided by a crewed airplane. Our subscriptions are high-frequency and low price, with a less than a day turnaround that works for any precision ag program. And no suboptimal imagery due to factors such as cloud coverage as we plan our flights around weather events to make sure that our images are useful and clear.

The high resolution of our data, and the various layers make it possible to clearly see differences in the field.
TerrAvion aerial imagery subscription is designed so both retailers and growers get the most out of it. The subscription has enough flight cycles to meet every key agronomic event in a growing season so that data is available when needed.

Terravion high-resolution imagery

With TerrAvion aerial imagery you get the tool to efficiently run your precision agronomy program and increase both your margin and your customers yield through increased input sales. 

TerrAvion Aerial Imagery delivers:

ok-16The lowest price 

ok-16The resolution needed for Precision Ag

ok-16Hassle-free image delivery

ok-16Easy ordering


ok-16Profit increasing

ok-16Increase your customer satisfaction

ok-16The right frequency to cover every agricultural event  during the growing season

ok-16Integration/compatibility with your software


Precision Agronomy in the field

TerrAvion High-Resolution Imagery Layers:

ok-16High resolution Natural Color

ok-16Synthetic Natural Color


ok-16Vegetation Index


ok-16USDA Ssurgo Soil Map

ok-16NDVI zoning

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