Send an email to your sales representative, they will coordinate with the engineering team on an appropriate response. You can find our sales representatives here.

TerrAvion is built on the strength of the widest and deepest integration network for any remote sensing provider in agriculture.  Your success is ours. We offer complimentary standard support to regular supported features and can handle larger custom projects as well.

Digital Agriculture doesn’t work when people and computers can’t see the fields.  Without high-resolution imagery, targeted scouting isn’t targeted, fertility recommendations don’t work when irrigation isn’t right, check blocks can’t be quantified, and herbicide recommendations are made without seeing all the weeds.  With high-resolution imagery, partner applications can make recommendations about and show users how the field is right now -- this drives engagement and higher customer RoI.

We would love to work with you. To be able to help you best and get started, complete the form. One of our product experts will be in touch to learn how we can get you started.

No, but you have to sign our API agreement first.  Please complete the form, so we can make sure you can get started.

You can find the current API documentation here.

The sample data comes with a non-commercial evaluation license. Once you are ready for the next step, you should talk to your TerrAvion representative. 

We’re here to help as you need.  We ticket all API support requests and respond appropriately.  The extent of support you receive (e.g. “I need custom development”) may depend on the service contract you have in place, but everyone will get their questions answered and technical issues resolved in a timely way.  
We’ve seen technical documentation requested and key generated after lunch and implementation complete by close of business same day--obviously a simple implement?

Broadly, our APIs fall into three categories.  

  1. First is meta-data synchronization.  You can view or upload user information, farm, and field information, create orders on plans you have access to, and get raster-meta data.
  2. Second, you have access to static files 
  3. Third, you have access to tile servers which serve Cloud Optimized GeoTiff.  This allows you to generate the most classical remote sensing indices.
Contact you sales representative, sign the distributor agreement, and ask for a data plan that fits your needs.  Then you can place orders through the API or manually through the OverView interface.