Increase your efficiency by using TerrAvion aerial imagery to direct your scouting efforts 

High-resolution aerial imagery helps you direct attention to areas in your field that require it.

Crop consultants who want to grow their business are limited by how many acres their employees can manage. Bringing on more employees is easier said than done. It's tough to find good, experienced people that are not too expensive nowadays and training inexperienced employees is a big investment that might not pay off.

So how can consultants grow their business without adding new employees? By using TerrAvion aerial imagery to help manage their fields! TerrAvion high-resolution imagery makes it possible to put an initial set of eyes on every acre without even leaving your desk.


farmer-826912Crop consultant Chris saves about 40 working hours per week by using TerrAvion imagery to guide his scouting efforts.

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Benefits of imagery guided scouting

Without TerrAvion Aerial imagery Subscription

Random Scouting

x-mark-3-24  Time consuming 

x-mark-3-24  Inefficient 

x-mark-3-24  Amendable issues go undetected 

With TerrAvion Aerial Imagery Subscription

Imagery Guided Scouting

ok-32 Identify issues from the office

ok-32 Direct your scouting to areas that require your                    attention, save time wasted on areas that don't

ok-32 Peace of mind knowing that all issues are being                identified and addressed

Scout with greater efficiency 

In the past, growers have relied on random scouting to identify yield-robbing issues such as pest and disease infestations, irrigation failures, fertility issues, weeds, crop damage, soil issues, etc. Traditional random scouting is inefficient and ineffective as a method for uncovering amenable issues. How much time are you wasting walking healthy parts of your acres before you run into a problem area? How many amendable problems are going undetected because you didn't see them when you were walking your fields?

Using high-resolution aerial imagery to direct your scouting efforts ensures that all areas that require growers attention are being seen and that their time isn't being wasted scouting healthy crops. From your office, review your imagery each week and identify potential problem areas that you need to scout. Know where to go to before you step foot in your fields instead of randomly walking them and relying on luck to discover issues.

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What you can see 

TerrAvion customers receive multiple layers of imagery data every week, each offering different pieces of information. Monitor thermal imagery to identify irrigation and drainage failures in your fields. Any yield-robbing issue such as a pest, disease or nutrient issue, will result in a stressed crop. TerrAvion NDVI imagery can easily identify stressed crops that need your attention. While you will still need to ground truth to discover the real problem, by using TerrAvion's high-resolution images to direct your scouting, you have a predetermined map telling your exactly where you need to put boots on the ground.

TerrAvion mobile app

The new TerrAvion mobile app makes scouting easier than ever. Identify problem areas in your imagery and then use the GPS beacon to walk to the exact spot that you have identified. Download your data ahead of time for offline use in fields with poor internet or cell service. Use the mobile app to take geotagged photos or make geotagged notes from your scouting observations. The new TerrAvion mobile app is fast and easy to use with many new features. 

TerrAvion high-resolution imagery

With TerrAvion aerial imagery you get the tool to efficiently run your precision agronomy program and create a work life balance.

TerrAvion Aerial Imagery delivers:

ok-16The lowest price 

ok-16The resolution needed for Precision Ag

ok-16Hassle-free image delivery

ok-16Easy ordering


ok-16Profit increasing

ok-16Increase your customer satisfaction

ok-16The right frequency to cover every agricultural event  during the growing season

ok-16Integration/compatibility with your software


Precision Agronomy in the field

TerrAvion High-Resolution Imagery Layers:

ok-16High resolution Natural Color

ok-16Synthetic Natural Color


ok-16Vegetation Index


ok-16USDA Ssurgo Soil Map

ok-16NDVI zoning

TerrAvion works with major agronomic software platforms

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